Shila Hawk

Subject Matter Expert

Areas of Expertise:
Evaluations, data management and utilization, interdisciplinary and interagency collaborations, organizational structure and culture, gun violence, gangs, repeat offender identification, crime analyses, police legitimacy, outreach, data-driven strategies

Shila René Hawk, PhD, is a lead data scientist and law enforcement expert. She has a strong record of conducting rigorous evaluations, supporting project collaborations, and engaging in action research, particularly with law enforcement agencies and their partners. For example, she partners with USAOs and hundreds of police departments in Georgia on SPI and PSN projects. Every year she helps design numerous socio-ecological, interdisciplinary studies that promote evidence-based practice development and systems improvements. Her research efforts focus on the justice system, contagion of violence, and special populations. Dr. Hawk’s work also centers on innovations in data collection and utilization. She has overseen data collection using mixed methods, worked on a variety of secondary dataset types, and is trained in a range of statistical techniques. She is a specialist in records management databases and contributes to an array of projects via programming, DBA integration, and analyses.

Dr. Hawk is accredited by the Emory Skill-Based Practitioner Training Program in Injury and Violence Prevention and the Georgia Gang Investigators Association. She also holds a full board of CITI Program Social Science Panel & Health Insurance Privacy and Portability Act (HIPPA) Compliance and EVERFI Data Security and Privacy Certifications. She is a Bureau of Justice Assistance Smart Suite Researcher Practitioner Fellow and has been recognized by both the academy and practitioners for her work. She is an active committee member of the Homicide Research Working Group and is on the Homicide Studies Editorial Board. Dr. Hawk’s research can be found in prestigious journals such as Criminology, Justice Quarterly, Criminal Justice and Behavior, and the British Journal of Criminology.