Albany, New York

Albany police car

Albany Police Patch

Site LE Agency
Albany Police Department

Site Researcher
The John Finn Institute; Director Robert Worden, Madison Bryant, and Kenan Worden

Site Focus
Crime reduction and prevention

SPI Strategy
Data technology and analytics, prevention and intervention programs

Site Cohort

Site Profile
Urban area of 21.94 square miles with a population of 99,224

Project Overview

The Albany Police Department (APD) will employ a data-driven, technology-focused, advanced analytic solution, called VoyagerAnalytics, to enhance its historical investigations. Additionally, the solution will expeditiously collect and process crime data when a shooting or homicide occurs. Additionally, the Albany Violence Elimination Plan (AVEP) encompasses a continuum of strategies to reduce gun and other violent crimes. These strategies include: The Violent Offender Identification Directive (VOID), To Reach and Connect (TRaC), The Group Violence Intervention (GVI), The Multidisciplinary Team (MDT), and SNUG. The APD anticipates that it will be able to expand the capacity of APD to conduct criminal investigations. Additionally, they will build on and enhance current violence reduction efforts that include enforcement, intervention, and prevention. Additionally, APD will use an innovative, data-driven approach to enhance community safety in Albany.  

Data Highlight