Addressing Crime or Disorder in Housing

To date, many members of the Smart Policing community are experiencing high crime activities at specific property locations (e.g. an abandoned home) or specific property types (e.g. apartment complexes). SPI efforts to locate property owners, engage property managers, and initiate change have proven difficult. The webinar presentation on problem properties addressed the following objectives:

1. Defining the underlying issues related to problem properties and the desired objectives.
2. Developing an intervention strategy that aligns with the characteristics of the problem property.
3. Implementing the intervention strategy in a manner that elicits results.
4. Assessing the impact of the intervention and its applicability to other problem properties.

Dr. John Eck, SPI Subject Matter Expert and member of the Cincinnati SPI Team facilitated this webinar.  He also is a Professor of Criminal Justice at the University of Cincinnati where he teaches research methods, police effectiveness, and crime prevention.