Subject Experts

Subject Expert NameSubject Expert AffiliationSubject Expertise
Bruce JohnsonNicasa Behavioral Health ServicesBehavioral Health, Co-Occurring Disorders, Community and Law Enforcement Response to the Opioid Crisis, Jail Reduction Strategies, Crisis Intervention, Mental Health Strategies and Co-Responder Models, Community Policing, and Procedural Justice.
Dennis KatoLos Angeles Police Department (retired)Gun Violence & Violence Reduction
Laura KunardCNAMental health strategies, crisis intervention team approaches, procedural justice, law enforcement training and leadership
Harold E. Medlock, Jr.Independent Consultant, Fayetteville N.C. Police Department Chief of Police (Retired)Crime prevention, Community, community outreach and collaboration, law enforcement training and leadership, training
Rodney MonroeIndependent Consultant, Metropolitan PD, Macon, Georgia PD, Richmond, Virginia PD, Charlotte-Mecklenburg PD (Retired)Leadership & 21st Century Policing
Ken NovakUniversity of Missouri-Kansas CityViolence Reduction & Place-Based Crime Prevention
Heather PerezMichigan State UniversityGun Violence, Open Air Drug Markets, Strategic Planning and Research Partner Acquisition
Hildy SaizowCNACommunity Outreach and Collaboration, Stakeholder Engagement, Violence Prevention, and Qualitative Research and Analysis
John P. SkinnerTowson UniversityIntelligence-led Policing, Violence Reduction, Leadership, and Crime Prevention
Charles StephensonCNATechnology, public safety communications, gunshot technologies, surveillance, biometrics, cybercrime, correction equipment, geospatial crime mapping