Our Team

BJA Program Staff

Catherine "Kate" McNamee

SPI Senior Policy Advisor

Catherine (Kate) McNamee is a Policy Advisor within the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) Office of Justice Programs (OJP) Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA).  In this capacity, she plans and manages national level criminal justice programs designed to assist state and local law enforcement in adopting such promising practices as evidence based violence reduction strategies, intellectual property crime enforcement, and crime and violence prevention public education initiatives.  Ms. McNamee previously held the position of Senior Research Analyst within the Department of Defense (DoD) Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office (SAPRO), and in this capacity oversaw the evaluation of sexual assault prevention and response programs within the U.S. Military Services as well as the United States Military Service Academies (MSAs). Prior to her work at DoD, Ms. McNamee was a Social Science Analyst within the National Institute of Justice’s (NIJ) Violence and Victimization Research Division for six years, during which she managed the Strategic Approaches to Community Safety Initiative (SACSI), participated in the development and implementation of the President’s DNA Initiative, and oversaw the deployment of national level prevalence studies of various crime issues as well as evaluations of promising crime prevention and law enforcement programs.   She began her career at OJP as a Presidential Management Fellow within NIJ’s Office of the Director in 2001, and holds an M.S. Degree in Justice, Law and Society from American University and a B.A. in English and Political Science from The George Washington University.

BJA’s SPI Training and Technical Assistance Partner: CNA Corporation Project Staff

James "Chip" Coldren


Dr. Chip Coldren is a university professor and long-time police researcher and technical assistance provider. Dr. Coldren has extensive experience with introducing innovation into police department operations, policies and procedures and he formerly directed the Illinois Community Policing Training Institute.

Christopher Sun


Mr. Christopher Sun oversees the SPI program and provides technical assistance and support to grantee sites. Mr. Sun has over a decade of experience supporting and implementing research-practice partnerships. Prior to the SPI, he was the Deputy Director of the Regional Educational Laboratory Appalachia and oversaw the research and technical assistance agendas for Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia on topics such as school discipline and school reform. He also served as a lead coordinator for professional learning communities in criminal justice and education. 

Hildy Saizow

Senior Collaboration Expert

Ms. Hildy Saizow is a former Executive director of the Justice Research and Statistics Association. She has worked for over 20 years as a criminologist, public policy analyst, community partner, and consultant to non-profit and government agencies.

Scott Decker

Senior Research Expert

Scott H. Decker is a Foundation Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice at Arizona State University. The American Society of Criminology awarded Decker the title of "Fellow" in 2012 for his scholarly contribution to the intellectual life of the discipline and his substantial role in the career development of other criminologists. His research has been funded by the Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation, the National Science Foundation, U.S. Department of Justice, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and National Institute on Drug Abuse.


Tom Woodmansee

Senior Operations Expert

Tom Woodmansee is a Senior Advisor with CNA and has over 28 years of experience in policing. Tom works with numerous agencies around the country and specialized in providing TTA on violent crime reduction strategies, community policing practices, and addressing violent offenders. He has contributed to several articles, assessments, reports and webinars on policing best practices. 

Bridgette Bryson

Outreach Coordinator/Analyst

Ms. Bridgette Bryson's work for SPI involves providing technical assistance and logistical support to three SPI sites, managing the SPI website and webinars, and developing the SPI Quarterly Newsletter. Ms. Bryson manages the SPI social media accounts and delivers regular updates and items of interest to SPI followers. 

Brittany C. Cunningham


Dr. Brittany Cunningham serve as a SPI site analyst providing training and technical assistance and logistical  support to five sites.  She has a decade of experience designing, implementing, and managing and supporting national technical assistance projects from several federal agencies including the Department of Justice, Department of Education, Department of Homeland Security, and the National Science Foundation.

Monique Jenkins


Ms. Monique Jenkins supports multiple Smart Policing Initiative program sites by helping with action plan review, site visit planning, and project documentation. Monique coordinates with each law enforcement agency to identify unique TTA opportunities that will aid the site in their goals.

Rachel Johnston


Dr. Rachel Johnston is a Senior Research Scientist with CNA and has over 20 years experience in policing, violence prevention, and criminal justice systems reform. Rachel works with Metropolitan Police Department in Washington DC and Pasco County, FL, Sheriff, providing TTA and strategic planning support for targeted programs in community policing and opioid abuse.

Keri Richardson


Ms. Keri Richardson supports the Smart Policing Initiative program through administrative logistical support, data collection, agenda development, site visit planning, and project documentation. Keri supports numerous sites through recommending training and technical assistance, administering site visit documentation, highlighting next steps from monthly site calls, and facilitating sites receiving supporting resources.