November 2013 Regional Sustainability Exchange Meeting

On November 14 and 15, 2013, SPI sites Lowell, Boston, Cambridge, Frisco, Glendale and New Haven participated in an SPI Peer-to-Peer Exchange hosted by the Lowell, MA Police Department and facilitated by CNA. The exchange focused on sustainability and Smart Policing, with specific goals of sharing information between participating police departments regarding the problems addressed by their respective Smart Policing Initiatives, comparing and contrasting the goals, objectives, and strategies for efforts to integrate Smart Policing within the organization, change the culture of the department, and sustain efforts beyond grant funding, learning first-hand from officers engaging in specific SPI tactics and operations to identify the challenges and best practices for sustainability in the field; and discussing with community partners corollary and supporting SPI activities.

This two-day meeting included observation of the Lowell Police Department's Compstat Meeting, presentation by each site on their projects and sustainability efforts, site visits to Lowell Police Department target areas to chat with officers, a meeting with community partners, and a roundtable discussion on sustainability.

Lowell Sustainability Exchange Meeting