February 2012 SPI National Meeting

The gathering of all fifteen Smart Policing Initiative (SPI) grantees, BJA leadership, CNA training and technical assistance providers, and SPI subject matter experts on February 7-8, 2012 created a forum for discussing important issues related to SPI project implementation and performance measurement. The objectives of this meeting were to:

  • Present key smart policing concepts;
  • Assist SPI sites in refining site plans for implementing smart policing;
  • Discuss implementation obstacles encountered and specific strategies for resolving or managing them;
  • Discuss technological innovation, research in police organizations, integration, and sustainability; and
  • Provide SPI site recommendations for BJA and CNA.

Site participants heard presentations on making research useful for policy makers, case studies from SPI sites in later phases of the program, and recent innovations in Smart Policing. Attendees also participated in roundtable exercises discussing research and analysis, operations and management, and SPI plan assessments and revisions. SPI site members also learned about the use of social media and technology in Smart Policing and methods for integration and sustainability. Attendees reported that they learned a number of lessons, including strategies to promote collaboration, mechanisms for effective implementation, and methods of integrating innovative practices. 

February 2012 SPI National Meeting Collage
Event Agenda
Event Presentations