Sustaining SPI through Effective Communication

Hildy Saizow (SPI Subject Matter Expert) hosted an advanced collaboration webinar titled: "Sustaining SPI through Effective Communication."  During this webinar, Ms. Saizow presented a framework for developing effective communication strategies within police departments. These strategies helped police build stronger relationships with critical stakeholders and galvanize public support for their Smart Policing Initiatives. SPI project leaders learned how brand identity, improved communications, and more effective teamwork can help them achieve their goals and sustain successful initiatives. Branding and communication practices which have proven invaluable in business, and are used to improve non-profits and social service programs, are applied to the work of police departments.  Police managers, SPI coordinators and team members, and all who wish to improve collaborative relationships and enhance the sustainability of their work will find this webinar of interest.

  • An article from The Police Chief Magazine, entitled Branding Your Agency: Creating the Police Department's Image
  • An article from the Stanford Social Innovation Review, entitled The Role of Brand in the Nonprofit Sector
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