Law Enforcement Recruitment

Law Enforcement Recruitment in the 21st Century: Forum Proceedings
US DOJ Office of Community Oriented Policing Services
James E. Copple
Law Enforcement Recruitment in the 21st Century: Forum Proceedings report cover

The President's Task Force on 21st Century Policing identified recruitment, training, and retention as priorities for the future of law enforcement. Because of their importance to advancing community and police relations, the task force included them in the first pillar - Trust and Legitimacy - of their final report. And in a follow-up meeting with task force members, the President asked the COPS Office to continue to explore new hiring and policies and practices. In response, the COPS Office hosted the Law Enforcement Recruitment in the 21st Century forum with Strategic Applications International. This report covers the discussions of the forum's participants, drawn from law enforcement, civil rights, and other stakeholder groups. The forum's goals were to identify ways to improve recruitment programs, practices, and strategies with a special emphaiss on diversity; to better understand how the image of law enofrcement impacts recruiting efforts; and to provide action steps for developing and enhancing recruitment strategies.