A Police-community Collaboration to ‘Curb’ Impaired Driving

Curb the Danger: A Police-community Collaboration to ‘Curb’ Impaired Driving
Police Practice and Research: An International Journal
Jana Grekul, Laura Thue
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The Edmonton Police Service launched its Curb the Danger (CTD) program in 2006. CTD aims to increase community participation in the real-time detection and apprehension of impaired drivers by encouraging citizens to call 9-1-1 if they observe a suspected impaired driver. This study provides a description and evaluation of CTD. The findings, based on police data and survey results, show CTD has led to an increase in citizen reports of suspected impaired drivers and is a major source of impaired driving charges. The results suggest that community–police collaboration can be effective in impacting impaired driving. Implications for police resource deployment are discussed.