Amarillo, Texas

Amarillo, TX Police Badge

Site LE Agency
Amarillo Police Department

Site Researcher
IDEA Analytics; Dr. Jessica Herbert and Neil Hubbert

Site Focus
Violent crime reduction

SPI Strategy
Information sharing, community violence intervention strategies, organizational cross-agency collaboration

Site Cohort

Site Profile
Largest city in the Texas panhandle of 104 square miles with a population of 208,945 residents

Project Overview

The Amarillo Police Department (APD) will develop a centralized Amarillo Regional Crime Center (ARCC) to support the city and regional crime analysis and information sharing. The APD will further crime analysis and information sharing for the community and work on utilizing Violence Intervention (CVI) strategies. They also will utilize an organizational cross-agency collaboration method in their SPI project. The SPI hopes to further crime analysis and information sharing for violence, as well as assist the APD in growing analytical capacity to further the department's ability to address violent crime and support the regional needs for information sharing reduction projects.

Methods and Findings