Dallas, Texas

Dallas police car

Dallas police badge

Site LE Agency
Dallas Police Department

Site Researcher
University of Texas at San Antonio; Dr. Michael Smith and Dr. Rob Tillyer

Site Focus
Violent crime

SPI Strategy
Hot spot policing, focused deterrence

Site Cohort

Site Profile
Large urban area of 385.8 square miles with a population of 1.3 million

Project Overview

The Dallas Police Department (DPD) will deploy the following approaches in their SPI project: hot spots policing, place network investigation, focused deterrence and urban blight abatement, and the Dallas Violent Crime Reduction Plan. The DPD's SPI hopes to accomplish the following: reverse the increasing trend in violent crime, reduce the annual number of victims of violent crime, increase community trust and engagement with the DPD to facilitate solving crimes of violence and successfully prosecuting violent offenders, and improve place-based conditions that contribute to violence. 

Methods and Findings