Fort Myers, Florida

Fort Myers Police billboard

Fort Myers Police Patch

Site LE Agency
Fort Myers Police Department

Site Researcher
Drs. Cory Huberman and Jillian Shafer Desmond, University of Cincinnati’s Institute of Crime Science (ICS)

Site Focus
Aggravated assault (i.e. shootings), robbery, burglary, and auto crimes

SPI Strategy
Stratified policing, technological innovation, intelligence-led policing

Site Cohort

Site Profile
Large urban area of 49 sq. miles with a population of 80,063

Project Overview

The City of Fort Myers is the oldest city in Lee County, Florida and the county seat. The Fort Myers Police Department (FMPD) has faced numerous challenges, including a high violent crime rate. To combat violent crime, the FMPD, with assistance from the University of Cincinnati’s Institute of Crime Science (ICS) and John Jay’s National Network, implemented a Group Violence Intervention strategy (GVI). However, GVI has meant less focus on other crime types, causing FMPD’s robbery, burglary, larceny, and auto theft crime rates to stand out among other agencies from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. FMPD’s goal is to use crime analysis and technology to identify and disseminate micro-time hot spot bulletins to the patrol division for disruption. To accomplish their SPI initiative, the FMPD will hire additional analysts for the Intelligence Unit (IU), build the appropriate analytical skills and processes to identify micro-time hot spots in the IU, and create an organizational process that tasks patrol districts with addressing micro-time hot spots.

Data Highlight

  • In 2016, a Group Violence Intervention strategy (GVI) was implemented. An evaluation by ICS reported group member involved homicides and shootings decreased by nearly 50% between 2016 and 2018.
  • In 2019, FMPD’s crime rates per 100,000 residents for robbery, burglary, larceny, and auto left were as follows, respectively: 107.0; 278.8; 1,7767.4; and 175.3.