Leon-Tallahassee, FL

LCSO RTCC screens

Leon-Tallahassee Badge

Site LE Agency
Leon County Sheriff's Office, Tallahassee Police Department, Florida State University Police Department, Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University Police Department, and Tallahassee Community College Police Department

Site Researcher
Florida State University: Professor Stults and Professor Brancale

Site Focus
Violent crime, Gun violence

SPI Strategy
Automated license plate reader, Closed-circuit television cameras, Information sharing

Site Cohort

Site Profile
Large metropolitan area of 702 square miles with a population of 293, 582

Project Overview

The regional approach will develop a Capital Region Real-Time Crime Center (CRRTCC), which is a county-wide, multi-agency RTCC. The CRTCC will purchase and deploy automated license plate readers and closed-circuit television cameras. The CRTCC will support the integration and standardization of these various databases and information sources into a single accessible interface that will serve as the foundation of the CRRTCC intelligence infrastructure. The SPI hopes to increase trust and rapport between the partnering agencies and the communities they serve by enhancing transparency and the positive flow of information. Lastly, the SPI will evaluate the effectiveness of the CRRTCC at achieving the stated goals and the ability to demonstrate the value of enhanced information sharing and crime analysis.

Methods and Findings