Glendale, AZ, Site Spotlight (Phase I)

Glendale Site Spotlight Cover

The Glendale team addressed thefts at Circle K™ convenience stores using a problem-solving model. This publication reviews the research methodology employed, policing strategies implemented, research and implementation outcomes, and lessons learned. For example, by using geographic information system analysis to map store-call activity, meeting with Circle K management, completing CPTED surveys of the stores, and conducting surveillance of the most active locations, the team concluded that management practices contributed to the thefts. The team then identified a number of solutions and responses, which resulted in significant decreases in calls for service at three of the six target stores during the project period, as well as the prevention of substantial costs to victims, the city, and the police department. It concludes with insights from Lt. Frank Balkcom and Glendale’s research partner, Dr. Mike White, on lessons learned from police officers and researchers alike.