Effective Collaboration (June 2012)

The Smart Policing Initiative presented a webinar titled “Effective Collaboration.” Hildy Saizow, a Subject Matter Expert with the SPI Team, and director of Arizona's Community Outreach Program for Project Safe Neighborhoods and Public Education for TRUCE (a replication of Chicago Ceasefire), will facilitate this online seminar. She will lead a discussion and learning session, touching on aspects on how to effectively engage stakeholders from within the law enforcement community, as well as community stakeholders, in environments that may be resistant to the law enforcement efforts, maintain different operational goals, or simply do not understand the need for collaboration. The SPI webinar will address the following learning objectives:

  • Key Elements of Collaboration
  • Reaching Out to Hard-to-Reach Stakeholders
  • Managing Challenging Partners
  • Reaching Out to Non-Traditional Stakeholders
  • Assessing Collaboration Results

  • A guide developed by Ms. Saizow called "Effective Marketing Practices: A Guide for Smart Policing Initiatives"
  • The Collaboration Toolkit for Law Enforcement:  Effective Strategies to Partner with the Community