The Problem-Solving Process (SARA) and SPI

The Smart Policing Initiative presented a  webinar titled “The Problem-Solving Process (SARA) and SPI.” This webinar was an opportunity for the SPI community to engage in an active discussion of problem solving activities. The centerpiece of the webinar involved presentations from SPI sites (Boston, Glendale, Lowell, and Palm Beach), who described their problem-solving activities to date. These presentations described the problem that the site identified, how it was analyzed, their approach for addressing the problem (person and/or place-based, other tactics or strategies), impact on the problem to date (e.g., results), challenges to success for their SPI, and advice they would give to others.

  • An article by David Weisburd et. al, called "Is problem-oriented policing effective in reducing crime and disorder?"
  • A video interview of Herman Goldstein on Poblem-Oriented Policing.