SPI 101: Preparing for the National Smart Policing Meeting (April 2014)

The Smart Policing Initiative presented a webinar on "SPI 101: Preparing for the National Smart Policing Meeting" on April 2, 2014. James "Chip" R. Coldren, Jr. (SPI Project Director), Hildy Saizow (SPI Subject Matter Expert [SME]), Michael White (SPI SME), Lt. Tom Woodmansee (SPI SME), and Zoë Thorkildsen (SPI CNA Analyst) facilitated this online seminar for Phase V sites. During this presentation, they presented the vision, goals and objectives of Smart Policing, gave examples of current Smart Policing Initiatives and research efforts, and discussed some of the challenges sites are experiencing. They will also present the goals and expected outcomes of the upcoming national meeting and how sites can prepare to make the most of their experience. The webinar concluded with a brief overview of the SPI website and its many resources and tools. This webinar was intended for all Phase V SPI site team members, including coordinators and research partners, particularly those individuals participating in the Spring 2014 SPI National Meeting.

  • A brief on SPI by BJA - “BJA Fact Sheet: Smart Policing Initiative”