Taking Collaboration to the Next Level

On February 21, 2019 at 2 PM Eastern, the Smart Policing Initiative (SPI) presented a webinar on “Taking Collaboration to the Next Level.” This online, interactive webinar engaged participants in a focused discussion on the use of collaboration to improve performance and outcomes in law enforcement.  Collaboration has been a key principle of SPI from the outset, and the 2016 SPI workshops on collaboration helped articulate and define how police agencies could advance their collaboration practices.  Based on this work, SPI developed a series on “Smart Policing Collaboration Principles” and SPI subject expert Hildy Saizow authored an article for Police Chief Magazine on “Collaborative Policing":  The New Paradigm for Effective Policing.”  This webinar discussed what collaborative policing means and the principles that make it effective, the use of collaboration to address gun violence and the problems concerning those in mental health crises in two SPI sites, and methods for assessing and improving collaboration.

The webinar was facilitated by Hildy Saizow and examples of taking collaboration to the next level were provided by:

  • Dr. Shila Hawk, Atlanta, Georgia SPI Research Partner
  • Sgt. Joleen Bowman, Pinellas County, Florida Sheriff’s Office
  • Dr. Brenda Bond, Lowell, Massachusetts SPI Research Partner