March 2011 SPI National Meeting

BJA hosted the Interim Smart Policing National Meeting  in Los Angeles, California, on March 23 and 24, 2011. It provided an opportunity for participants to discuss important issues related to SPI project implementation and performance measurement as well as to collaborate on project goals, share best practices, and review important components of Smart Policing. Representatives from all 16 SPI sites, BJA leadership, CNA training and technical assistance providers, and SPI subject matter experts attended the meeting. BJA and CNA formulated an agenda in response to grantee feedback and information provided by grantees about challenging implementation issues they currently face or anticipate.

Attendees heard updates on project work from fellow SPI sites, learned how to incorporate best practices and lessons learned from SPI into daily operations, and were introduced to methods which allowed for maximization of data use and research plan adjustments in the face of challenges. Attendees heard presentations from Redlands Police Chief James Bueermann and San Francisco District Attorney and retired San Francisco Police Chief George Gascón. SPI site attendees discussed peer-to-peer technical assistance with other sites, and participated in a panel on community outreach and collaboration. 

Event Agenda
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