Benefits of Collaborative Policing

On February 22nd, 2017 the Smart Policing Initiative presented a webinar on “The Benefits of Collaborative Policing.”  This policing approach – which combines collaboration with problem-solving and evidence-based policing – builds community trust, support and cooperation while achieving more effective and long-lasting crime reduction benefits.  Hildy Saizow, SPI Senior Subject Matter Expert, reviewed lessons learned from three Police-Community Collaboration workshops held last year, and presented seven key principles agencies can put into practice to move toward collaborative policing. Also featured was several police managers who described successful examples of collaborative policing, and Jason Cooper, with the Local Initiatives Support Corporation and BJA’s Byrne Criminal Justice Innovation program, who dicsussed the community’s role as partners in creating safe communities.  Participants learned effective police strategies for engaging community members and forming comprehensive partnerships.

  • SPI Collaboration Principles document