SPI Overview

Site NameSite CohortSite ResearcherSite FocusSite Strategy
Memphis, Tennessee2009Richard Janikowski, Ph.D., University of MemphisRobbery, BurglaryPlace-based policing, Offender-based policing
Memphis, Tennessee2019James C. McCutcheon, Ph.D., University of MemphisGun crimeTechnological innovation
Metropolitan Police Department2019The Lab at DCViolent Crime and Gun CrimeCommunity-Oriented Policing Strategies
Miami Beach, Florida2015Barak Ariel, Ph.D., Cambridge UniversityBody Worn Cameras
Miami, Florida2014Rob Guerette, Ph.D., Florida International UniversityPersonal Deployment Strategies, Clearance RatesPredictive policing, Hot spot policing
Miami, Florida2019Dr. Rob T. Guerette & Kimberly Przeszlowski, Florida International UniversityGun Crime, Violent CrimeTechnological Implementation, Data Analysis
Michigan State Police2011Merry Morash, Ph.D., Michigan State UniversityOrganizational ChangeEvidence-based policing
Milwaukee, Wisconsin2015Bryce Peterson, Ph.D. & Daniel Lawrence, Ph.D., Urban InstituteBody-worn camerasData-driven policing, community engagement
New Haven, Connecticut2011Chris Sedelmeier, Ph.D., University of New Haven, Criminal JusticeViolent CrimeEvidence-based policing, Hot spot policing
Newark, New Jersey2017Rutgers UniversityGun ViolenceHot spot policing, predictive-policing, community engagement