SPI Overview

Site NameSite CohortSite ResearcherSite FocusSite Strategy
Commerce City/Brighton, Colorado2017Lisa Ingarfield, Ph.D., Defi ConsultingViolent CrimeOrganizational change, Multi-agency collaboration
Dallas, Texas2021University of Texas at San Antonio; Dr. Michael Smith and Dr. Rob TillyerViolent crimeHot spot policing, focused deterrence
Davenport, Iowa2020Violent crime reductionCrime analysis assessment
Delaware Department of Safety and Homeland Security2020Drs. Rachel Santos and Roberto Santos, Radford University’s Center for Police Practice, Policy and ResearchShooting incidents, street gangsTechnological innovation, stratified policing
Detroit, Michigan2016Edmund McGarrell, Ph.D., Michigan State UniversityViolent CrimeProblem-oriented policing, Crime prevention through environmental design
Detroit, Michigan2021Center for Urban Studies at Wayne State UniversityViolent crimeCommunity policing, community violence intervention, SARA Model, alerts system
East Palo Alto, California2012Anthony Braga, Ph.D., and Sarah Lawrence, University of California, Berkeley School of Law, Warren Institute on Law and Social PolicyGun Violence, TechnologyHot spot analysis
Evans County, Georgia2011Adam Bossler, Ph.D., Catherine Marcum, Ph.D., Michele Covington, Ph.D., Georgia Southern UniversityIntelligence GatheringTechnology implementation
Fort Myers, Florida2020Drs. Cory Huberman and Jillian Shafer Desmond, University of Cincinnati’s Institute of Crime Science (ICS)Aggravated assault (i.e. shootings), robbery, burglary, and auto crimesStratified policing, technological innovation, intelligence-led policing
Frisco, Texas2011John L. Worrall, Ph.D., The University of Texas at Dallas, Criminology & Criminal JusticeProperty CrimeOffender-based policing, Place-based policing