SPI Overview

Site NameSite CohortSite ResearcherSite FocusSite Strategy
Boston, Massachusetts2009Anthony Braga, Ph.D., Northeastern University, School of Criminology and Criminal JusticeGun ViolencePlace-based policing, Offender-based policing
Boston, Massachusetts2011Anthony Braga, Ph.D., Northeastern University, School of Criminology and Criminal JusticeHomicidesOrganizational change, Offender-based policing
Boston, Massachusetts2014Anthony Braga, Ph.D., Harvard Kennedy School of GovernmentGun ViolenceOrganizational change, Technology implementation, Revising investigative processes
Boulder, Colorado2021Dr. Natalie Hipple and Julie WartellHomelessnessCoordinated response, information sharing
Brooklyn Park, Minnesota2013David Weisburd, Ph.D., and Charlotte Gill, Ph.D., George Mason UniversityCrime, Community RelationsCollective efficacy, Hot spot policing
Cambridge, Massachusetts2011Craig D. Uchida, Ph.D., Marc Swatt, Ph.D., Julie Schnobrich-Davis, Ph.D., Christine Connor, and Mariel Shutinya, Justice & Security Strategies, Inc.Gun ViolencePredictive policing
Charleston, South Carolina2023Dr. Cory Haberman, University of CincinnatiProperty Crime, Violent CrimeCommunity Problem-Oriented Policing strategy implementation, Data analysis
Chicago, Illinois2015John Hollywood, Ph.D. and Dulani Woods, RAND CorporationViolent Crime, Gun ViolenceData-Driven Predictive Analytics
Chula Vista, California2013Deborah Weisel, Ph.D., North Carolina Central UniversityDomestic ViolenceProblem-oriented policing
Chula Vista, California2021Sandy Keaton, San Diego Association of Governments, Applied Research DivisionData and technology, agency transparencySARA Model, targeted interventions, information sharing