October 2012 SPI National Meeting

On October 17, 2012, BJA and CNA convened an interim meeting for the Phase III SPI sites in Alexandria, VA. This meeting provided an opportunity for site participants to gather together to discuss important issues pertaining to Smart Policing, such as project implementation and expectations, lessons learned, best practices, effective research partnerships, evidence-based policing, and sustainability. Participants also had the opportunity to engage in peer-to-peer dialogue about their projects and progress to date. In attendance were representatives from 17 SPI sites (14 Phase III sites and 3 sites from Phases I and II), BJA leadership, CNA training and technical assistance providers, and SPI subject matter experts.  

Three SPI sites from previous phases of the program—Baltimore, Maryland; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; and Los Angeles, California—presented their results during the conference. These sites provided examples of the desired outcome of the SPI project: evidence-based and data-driven results, as well as provided lessons learned about the possible obstacles in obtaining those results.  Site participants then engaged in breakout sessions based on their role in the project of either research or operations. Attendees heard presentations on crime analysis, implementation of evidence-based practices, and sustainability and organizational change. 

Interim Phase III Meeting Collage