September 2012 Ohio Regional Meeting

The Smart Policing Initiative (SPI) held a SPI workshop on Practical Applications for Ohio Law Enforcement Agencies on September 19, 2012 in Worthington, Ohio. The Ohio Association of the Chiefs of Police (OACP) asked that seven Smart Policing Initiative sites present at this one-day workshop to create a forum for discussing important issues related to SPI project implementation and performance measurement.  Ohio and CNA created an agenda to provide useful information about these issues for small- and medium-sized agencies in Ohio currently face or anticipate when implementing Smart Policing practices.  Seven SPI sites (Evans County, GA; Phoenix, AZ; Shawnee, KS; York, ME; Glendale, AZ; Cincinnati, OH; Lowell, MA) presented material on:

  • Key smart policing concepts;
  • Examples of Smart Policing implementation in different sites with different crime problems and targets;
  • Implementation obstacles encountered and specific strategies for resolving or managing them;
  • Technological innovation, research in police organizations, integration, and sustainability; and
  • Particular Smart Policing implementation issues that small-and medium-sized police agencies should anticipate.
September 2012 Ohio Regional Meeting Collage